Franchising can help business owners find success faster. Franchise owners enjoy lower operating costs and have the ability to focus energy and efforts on managing the business and adding value, rather than developing systems and working to secure partnerships with vendors. New Horizons franchisees also enjoy many other advantages, such as being recognized as one of the global leaders in the English learning industry simply by taking on the name and taking the predetermined steps to begin operating.

Buying a franchise can be a daunting task and we know there can seem to be numerous options and steps. However, like a franchise business itself, there is a systematic way to review the choices and you can view them by downloading our guide “Top 10 Factors to Consider when Buying a Franchise”.


Why Should I Buy a New Horizons English Language Training Franchise?

A Winning Formula

Franchisees provide local knowledge that can be critical when it comes to connecting with clients. New Horizons provides tools, content, learning expertise, and technologies that are critical to the operation of a successful English language learning center. Together, franchisees and New Horizons’ support creates a winning formula that is a recipe for success.

Large and Growing Market

The English language learning market is estimated to be worth over 35 bn USD annually and is in constant expansion. New Horizons English is a business proposition that has been designed to reflect the needs of today’s consumer, allowing the franchisee to penetrate the local market in the knowledge that they have what the customer needs.

Superior Solutions and Content

The New Horizons English solution is a winning blend of industry leading management systems, technologically advanced delivery systems, and superior learning center management systems; all custom designed by New Horizons in partnership with leading suppliers and top education industry content providers. Coupled with over 30 years’ experience of franchise management, this is a formula that offers the best possible start for a New Horizons English learning center.

Comprehensive Franchisee Training

Franchisees should come to New Horizons with the knowledge of how to grow a successful business through sales management, team leadership, and operational management. A basic understanding of the English language learning market and Information Technology is helpful, but New Horizons trains franchisees extensively on the specific knowledge that is needed to run a successful franchise.

Franchisees are trained on New Horizons’ learning methodologies, current industry trends, the latest technology, and other information that is pertinent to success in the industry. New Horizons also provides continuous training for franchisees and franchise trainers so that every franchise is able to provide the top quality learning that the company has come to be known for.