The English learning market is estimated to be over $50 billion in annual revenue. This figure speaks of how English is the dominant world language from among 7,100 languages spoken around the world.[i] Be it business, travel or work, English is the preferred language of communication. For online communication, it is the top language used by both native speakers and ESL ones. There are as many as 948 million users who communicate over the Internet in English (June 30, 2016 data).[ii] Moreover, 55% of total online content today is in English. This reveals the importance of English in today’s world.

The English Language Market

As people are traveling more, connecting more and working together across great distances, the necessity to know English becomes apparent. Today, there are various scenarios where English proves to be the common language, where it helps people to bridge cultural and communication barriers. English, especially among the youth, is seen necessary for getting employment and doing well in their work. That makes an English language franchise a good business, set to substantially increase in market size in the near future.

David Graddol in his Future of English Report for the British Council [iii] says that “the English language teaching sector directly earns nearly £1.3 billion for the UK in invisible exports and our other education related exports earn up to £10 billion a year more.” According to the report, nearly a third of the world population will be trying to learn English at the same time. In only within a few years, there could be around 2 billion people simultaneously learning the language in schools, colleges and English learning institutes.[iii]

English learning usually takes place in schools where learners, even though exposed to English from an early age, do not gain English proficiency even after studying it for years. Among the top global English language franchises, New Horizons English franchise is a global brand that provides English learning solutions and franchisee training to individuals and businesses. Founded in 1982, with over 30 years of experience in managing franchisees across continents, New Horizons Worldwide, Inc. pioneered technology training with the New Horizons Computer Learning Centers franchise network and keeps improving their methods of learning to provide the right tools and learning path. Now, with the sister company New Horizons English, we look to double the over 30 million students we have trained since our inception.

Student Success = Franchise Success

New Horizons English works on the model that student success always comes before franchisee’s success. Therefore, their stress is on students: “Our students’ success is our number one priority and our learning methodology is designed to motivate and support every student in learning English to upgrade their lives. We achieve this, by combining formal and informal face to face time with native English speaking teachers with the flexibility of online classes and self-access lessons.”

To facilitate English learning in the right environment, New Horizons English makes sure that students spend quality time with native English speaking teachers while learning English at their own pace and at their own convenience. This flexibility helps just about anybody to learn English – a busy professional or a full time student. An English language business can be made simple with the right tools and the right attitude. New Horizons English works on the business model of –

  • Offering high quality learning on latest innovations and technology
  • Operating a strong and effective sales system
  • Providing comprehensive franchisee training and support

This assists new businesses to begin on the right footing. Ongoing support and progressive learning tools make it easy to grow the business thereafter.

Support to Franchisees

Starting a new business is scary and full of difficulties. New Horizons English offers franchisees complete training and ongoing support to help them on their feet. By making it their priority to fulfill customer expectations and needs, New Horizons English builds the right attitude between customers and business, putting students first.

New Horizons English believes that “English language learning is not a luxury, but a need that affects the personal and professional lives of clients.” Towards that end, it plans to facilitate English learning to students worldwide. Yet, the greatest demand for English learning is still to come. If not already, soon English learners will reach around 2 billion.[iii] Considering that today English is the universal language of communication, English learning will only grow more and more.[i]