New Horizons franchisees enjoy comprehensive support, starting before the learning center opens and continuing for as long as the franchise location remains open. New Horizons continually invests in the New Horizons English platform and the systems that help franchisees remain a dominant force in their market. By becoming a part of the New Horizons network, franchisees also gain a large group of peers who can provide advice, support, and guidance whenever necessary.

Franchise Training

Initial Franchise Training

Prior to opening a new learning center, New Horizons franchisees receive comprehensive classroom training coupled with multiple online sessions followed by operational assistance in the local market. Designated General Managers and other key professionals that will provide training at the new location should also attend initial franchise training. Training is provided periodically every year and takes place at designated corporate offices, usually in the U.K. initial franchise training covers the following subjects:

  • History of New Horizons
  • Role of General Manager, Sales Managers, and Education Consultants
  • Overview of New Horizons resources and tools
  • Best practices for hiring, development, operations, and learning
  • Marketing strategies
  • Inter-franchise operations
  • Virtual, cloud based live learning
  • Financial management and reporting

Support after Learning Center Opening

New Horizons provides up to one week of follow up training after a new franchise learning center opens. Proprietary information and related materials are provided for training the staff. Manuals and recordings assist with training staff for different roles within the organization. Additional training and refresher courses are not required, but optional training programs are available for franchisees and staff.

Continuous Training and Innovation

New Horizons holds conferences every year to discuss industry trends, sales techniques, performance standards, personnel training, new innovations, and any other pertinent information. These conferences are mandatory for New Horizons General Managers and are recommended for franchisees and other location principals. Regional meetings are also held periodically and franchisee attendance is recommended.

Additional Guidance

New Horizons franchisees are never without support and guidance. Franchisees may request guidance and ask questions over the phone, through email, or through the New Horizons Extranet. In some instances, a manager may be assigned to locations to assist in operations and provide hands-on support. New Horizons may also provide periodic assistance, but the frequency and nature of this assistance is at the franchisor’s discretion.

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