The New Horizons franchise business model; tested and proven.

Innovation, business growth, global enjoyment of life, and more are driven by people who master the English language. Individuals and companies need the right English language learning to accomplish that mastery. That learning is delivered by New Horizons. We believe so strongly in English language learning, we've built our business model on it.

Our success is built on three strategies:

why new horizons english language franchise?
  • Provide

    Provide innovative learning solutions adaptable for any individual or business.

  • Maintain

    Maintain an aggressive sales system.

  • Deliver

    Deliver the most complete franchisee training and support in the industry.


English language learning is a fundamental service provided to businesses all around the globe via numerous mediums. New Horizons is excited to be in an industry projected to produce more than $35 Billion USD globally in 2016 and growing to over $50B in the coming years.

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Reasons to Franchise with New Horizons

Global Brand

Global Brand

Your business will be instantly recognized as a key component of a leader in the global education franchising industry.

Proven Business Model

Proven Business Model

We have a wealth of experience in developing the world's best learning, and perfecting ways to sell, market and deliver it.

Worldwide Network

New Horizons Worldwide possesses over thirty years’ experience managing a network of franchisees across the globe on six continents.

Franchisee Training & Support

Extensive training resources including an intensive new owner and manager program. Over time, share and acquire knowledge so you can quickly address any business challenge. You are not alone!

Technology Investment

Utilize industry leading cloud based learning solutions immediately. We have invested millions over the past decade to produce powerful business management software and robust flexible and virtual instructor-led learning methodologies.

World Class Content

Access to rich multimedia content, industry-leading training platform, interactive and engaging classes, and more; all aligned to The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Learning Methods

Learning Methods

One of the few English language learning companies of the world truly delivering across traditional and flexible classroom and virtual learning methods.

Higher Success Rate

Instant brand-name recognition, which automatically reduces marketing costs. Greater profit potential from lower start-up costs.


New Horizons believes that English language learning is not a luxury, but a need that affects the personal and professional lives of clients. With learning facilities spanning the globe, New Horizons is one of the world’s leading independent education franchise companies. New Horizons pioneered technology training over 30 years ago and has continued to improve the methods used for learning while dependably staying on top of the current trends in the English language learning industry. New Horizons is the best of the best, so why go with any other company?

A Tested and Proven Franchise Business Model

The success of New Horizons' business model is built on three main points: offering high quality learning on the latest innovations and technology, operating a strong and effective sales system, and providing comprehensive franchisee training and support. New Horizons' business model is centered around helping clients to identify and fulfill learning needs. Satisfied customers are the customers that continue to attend or send employees to New Horizons when life necessitates further learning, so high quality learning is integral to franchisee success.

About New Horizons

New Horizons English is headquartered in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. Over 30 million students have been trained through New Horizons Worldwide, Inc. since the company was founded in 1982. The company offers English Language learning for individuals, small to medium sized businesses, and large enterprises-including government clients; with most of our customers fitting a young, on-the-go, tech savvy professional or student needing English to upgrade their career, their job, their studies, their travel experiences, or in other words their ability to communicate in a globally connected world.


Our students' success is our number one priority and our learning methodology is designed to motivate and support every student in learning English to upgrade their lives. We achieve this, by combining formal and informal face to face time with native English speaking teachers with the flexibility of online classes and self-access lessons.

Learn with your teacher

Learning English requires dedication, motivation and real-life practice, which is why a key element of the course is quality time with native speaking English teachers. Our certified teachers offer both structured core classes as well as pro-active mentoring and support to all students according to their individual needs.

All of this happens live in our centers, our "learning hubs", where students can choose how and where they study, in a range of spaces designed to suit varying needs and preferences, such as quiet zones, group areas, study areas and classrooms. This environment offers endless opportunities for our students to practice speaking English, both with the teachers and also with their fellow students.

We truly believe that the best way to learn English is in a live face to face environment, but we also know that there are times when it can be difficult to come to the center; work, family and day to day interruptions can all impact on the ability to study effectively. New Horizons English solves this problem with Online LIVE ®, an online fully interactive learning platform, where students participate in live classes with other students of the same level and a native speaking English teacher.

Learn at your own pace

With New Horizons English, our students have 24/7 access to core elements of our methodology thanks to our industry-leading learning management system. After walking through a brief system check, students can access their current and past lessons at any time on any internet enabled device.

They also have full flexibility to book into live and online classes with their teachers according to which suits their schedule best; we do not restrict our students with fixed and inflexible schedules, so they do not lose one single opportunity to practice their English and progress towards their objectives.

How does it work?

The New Horizons English methodology uses the natural method of second language acquisition, which focuses on the development of intuitive learning based on communication rather than the theoretical learning of the language structure. This approach results in the ability to speak the language far quicker than with traditional learning methods – in fact, our students speak English from day one of their course.

Our students acquire and practice their English skills in a number of different formats, each one designed to provide the greatest educational efficacy and flexibility for our learners:

  • Live classes with native speaking and certified teachers in small groups, where confidence is built in a communicative face to face environment and learning objectives are assessed
  • Online LIVE ® classes with native speaking and certified teachers in small groups - designed to consolidate learning and build speaking capabilities
  • Online multimedia lessons, available 24/7 and containing exercises designed to build knowledge and understanding of the English language
  • Informal learning in the center, via day to day communication with teachers and other students, and social activities, all offering opportunities to speak English in a natural environment and different contexts
  • Personalized mentoring by the teachers, offering individual support to each student, whether it be regarding specific English language challenges, or how to get the most out of their course

The New Horizons English experience would not be possible without our learning center – we know that, while our multimedia and online lessons are at the cutting edge, nothing can replace the human touch. For this reason, we have carefully designed our centers to give our students access to their teachers and a learning environment that has been created to reflect the needs of today's student. All our centers are fully equipped with the latest technology in specially designed zones that enable every student to tailor their learning experience with New Horizons English.

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