Dusseldorf, Germany. July 13, 2017 – New Horizons English (NHE) celebrated the opening of their new centre in Dusseldorf during the first week of May, 2017. The Dusseldorf centre of NHE is a part of the unique learning experience where students not only learn English, but live it in a vibrant international environment. Qualified teachers, fun events and games, and flexible learning experience at the new NHE centre is contributing to make English learning dynamic and engaging for the students.

Student Learning Experience

The open interaction between the teachers and students is encouraged through learning activities such as Language Polaroid. In one of the recent Language Polaroids, the focus was bad grammar in good lyrics. Students learnt that songs are great for learning English but they must remember that sometimes songwriters change the grammar to make their songs sound better. Examples of such songs were shared with the learners. Language Polaroids are a part of everyday learning at the NHE Dusseldorf centre.

The recently concluded fun events at the centre included the centre’s first karaoke night, Independence Day celebrations, foosball tournament and NHE Dusseldorf’s first pub night. The students also visited the International English Library Dusseldorf in June 2017, as part of reading as a means to improve English. The routinely conducted student outings with teachers help learners to feel comfortable with each other while living the learning with the teachers.

The Team at NHE Dusseldorf

The team that makes it all possible has members, including Gort Nottebohm, Suzanne Beitling, Sara Machado, Bengu Aycicek and Heike Moldenhauer. As is evident from their interesting responses to a question, the teachers at New Horizons English Dusseldorf are highly skilled professionals, but also have a fun side to them. Suzanne, Director of Studies at NHE Dusseldorf, when asked about the ice-cream flavor that best describe her said, “Chocolate chilli. It looks the same as regular chocolate, but it’s a little weird and a little spicy.”

Sara, another qualified teacher at the centre had a different response to this question, “Vanilla ice cream with a salty caramel core, because vanilla has to be the most boring flavour but then you have an unexpected surprise. I think that’s how I come off to people – I surprise them after a little while.” An Education Consultant at the centre, Bengu Aycicek had this answer to the question: “Chocolate and strawberry describe me best because chocolate represents a passionate person who loves to live in the moment and the strawberry shows the sweet and naturally kind person I am who constantly sends positive energy and notices all of the small beauties in the world and never takes anything for granted.”

Lastly, the General Manager at NHE Dusseldorf, Gort Nottebohm replied to the question in his typical fashion, “Cookies and cream, because I can be soft and gentle but also a bit crunchy and dark.”

The Success Story of New Horizons English

For over 35 years in 70 countries, New Horizons English has helped learners of English achieve results. NHE takes results and teaching together, as students start speaking English from their very first day. From beginners to advanced learners, proven teaching methods help students to learn English quickly without feeling the burden of learning a new language. The relaxed environment, friendly teachers, social activities and motivators at NHE centres together contribute to help students achieve success. The New Horizons English Dusseldorf is a new beginning for NHE in Germany that is already shining bright with success.