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I am writing from New Horizons English ( to discuss how our companies may work together. We are a franchisor of English language training centers and are seeking new partners globally.

As you are probably aware, the education industry is experiencing continual change. Change can be difficult yet it also means Opportunity. Companies that embrace change early often generate a nice return. The industry is full of experts discussing this topic. A few quotes:

  • “The education sector is evolving towards new ways of teaching and learning. The metamorphosis is brought out by an advent of technology in education. Smart mobile devices, social networking, virtual classrooms, faculty evaluation systems, data analytics and arrays of educational technologies have taken education to all new heights—both within and outside the classrooms.”i
  • “With today’s students used to consuming online services through a range of different devices, there is a growing expectation for training companies to deliver their resources in a similar way.”ii
  • “Today’s students are digital natives – they do not know a world without Wi-Fi or even mobile.""iii

Simply put, virtual delivered training solutions, along with an extensive array of “free” education on the web, is genuinely impacting the education industry. Language training companies, or those companies interested in offering language training, are wise to embrace virtual learning soon.

One might assume this means the Instructor is no longer required. This would be a grave misunderstanding. We believe deeply in human to human interaction and tuition, particularly true for learning a language. Thus, New Horizons English is designed to marry the best of both worlds – virtual live instruction with a human tutor coupled with interactive instructor-led sessions delivered in a physical training center.

As New Horizons English evolves, we wish to expand our worldwide network and are looking for the right partner to operate an exclusive franchise in your market.

Many of our franchisees remark of several advantages to operating as New Horizons English; a few listed:

  • Cloud enabled, real-time virtual learning methodologies
  • Cloud based business software and delivery systems
  • Operational efficiencies, increased margins, economies of scale, lower total cost of operations
  • A global brand and network
  • World-class marketing materials and sales methods, including e-commerce capability
  • Industry-leading franchisee training and support
  • and more…

But, perhaps the greatest advantages is New Horizons English Online LIVE®. As the training industry changes, so has New Horizons. Virtual Instructor-Led-Training methodologies allow us to maintain an industry leading position by giving our franchisees a major advantage. This training method is not only preferred by customers, but also strategically designed to decrease costs and increase margins, which is useful in both strong and difficult economic periods.

In our research, we have noted your company is involved in the education or translation industry, and would like to discuss the possibility of your company becoming a New Horizons franchisee.

Please see for information. If wish to discuss in more detail, email me at

Kind Regards,
Paul Humphreys
Development Executive
New Horizons Worldwide, Inc.


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