Why Shenzhen, China, is a Great Destination for an Education Franchise

Hello and welcome to the New Horizons English language franchise website. We believe you have found this page as you are considering the various education franchise opportunities that exist in your market. We are confident that Shenzhen, China is a great city with ample potential for an education business and would like to provide a few thoughts about this as well as give you a simple overview of our franchise opportunity.

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Shenzhen is one of China’s biggest and wealthiest cities. [i] It is the first special economic zone of China and has since attracted a large number of businesses. The reasons that make Shenzhen a great destination for an English language franchise are:

  1. Being an economic center having a large working population with limited English proficiency, it has a high demand for English learning.
  2. Shenzhen has the GDP of $453,335 million (as of 2014).[v] It is among the top three wealthiest cities in China along with Beijing and Shanghai.
  3. Today, Shenzhen is the most crowded city in China with more than 15 million residents. [vii] This is a huge, lucrative market you can tap into.
  4. The city is a bustling financial and economic center with a variety of industries and businesses, and a high migrant population.

Below are further details on why Shenzhen is a good option to consider when opening an education franchise.

Education and English Learning

There are a number of schools and universities in Shenzhen catering to its hefty population. English has become an important language after the city’s economic and industrial success. As you know may know, the Shenzhen Speaks Foreign Languages campaign is conducted across the city to encourage residents to speak foreign languages.

Many employees, professionals and business people speak in English, which has given rise to great demand for English learning for improving job prospects. Shenzhen language schools are popular institutes offering English learning to children and adults for both casual and corporate interactions. English language training has also gone online with language schools such as the Native English Teachers Shenzhen.[iii]

The people of Shenzhen place a strong emphasis on education. Out of every 100,000 residents, 10,397 people in Shenzhen had received education above college level.[iv] It far exceeds the education levels in various other Chinese cities. According to the Statistics Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, 41.10% of the people had education of degree level or higher.[v] This means that there is a true demand for an English language franchise as more and more locals seek to improve themselves.

Being an economically wealthy city, Shenzhen saw the rise of businesses, which led to the need for locals to interact in English. The four industries that are responsible for the growth of Shenzhen are the high-tech industry, modern logistics, the financial industry, and the cultural industry.[iii] As these industries grow further as part of China’s economic growth, the demand for English proficiency is also expected to further rise. This proves to be a profitable and very worthwhile choice to open an education franchise.

Population and GDP

Shenzhen was a small town 35 years ago; and today it is a sprawling high-tech manufacturing hub of southern China. The population has grown from 6.55 million in 2005 to about 10.22 million in 2010.[vi] According to a report, today Shenzhen is the most crowded city in China with more than 15 million residents.[vii] Its population density is 7,500 people per sq km, higher than that of Guangzhou, Beijing and Hong Kong.[vii] This placed Shenzhen fifth in the world for the highest population density.[vii] For business owners looking to open an English Language franchise, this densely populated city with many residents, as well as the appeal of close proximity Hong Kong to English speaking teachers, this all means a potential pool of qualified teachers to hire and a good number of students that will be attending the courses.

According to Statistics Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, the GDP of Shenzhen is $453,335 million as of 2014.[v] Tertiary industry (services) makes up 56.53% of the GDP, and industry and construction 43.43%. (2013)[viii] It is essentially a service-based economy. Telecommunications companies such as Huawei and ZTE are located in the city. Shenzhen manufactures 90% of computer keyboards and mouse, and 70% of computer screens sold globally.[ix]

Shenzhen’s logistics sector is one of the most developed in China. Being a financial center, Shenzhen is also home to financial institutions such as China Merchants Bank and Ping An Insurance.[x] The economic growth brought about prosperity to the people and improved their purchasing power, with many reaching middle class status. According to a survey, middle class families possess an annual household income of around 72,000 yuan in tier one and tier two cities and 48,000 yuan in the three tier and four tier cities. 57 percent of these respondents has a average annual household income of 179,000 yuan and most of these respondents possess high academic degrees.[xi] With locals that are willing to spend, opening an education franchise will be a logical option.

Infrastructure and Facilities

Shenzhen has an, international airport, expressways, express trains, ferries, and buses. Not to mention, multiple ferries, trains, and buses going to and from Hong Kong to Shenzhen routinely. Being a port city, it has an efficient water transport network as well. Students and teachers have easy access to various locations with the efficient transport system. It makes opening your English Language franchise fuss free and easy as well.

Shenzhen is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China for domestic travelers. Without many historical attractions to attract tourists, the city has built beautiful theme parks. Happy Valley is the largest theme park in the city. Seaside resorts such as Dameisha Seaside Resort and Xili Lake Holiday Resort, safari parks, and waterparks add to the charm of the city. Some of the local attractions include He Xiangning Art Gallery, Dapeng Fortress, Shenzhen Museum, and Litchi Park. With so many tourists, where English is a common language, employees of all these venues could require some improved English language training. Shenzhen is a modern city with impeccable infrastructure, which allows a New Horizons education franchise to go to greater heights and succeed.

Incentive to Businesses

The government offers investment incentives to businesses under certain categories. As an incentive to encourage the outsourcing of service industry to Shenzhen, the municipal government offers significant subsidies and investment incentives for the following investment activities: establishment of approved high tech service enterprises, outsourcing of training organizations to Shenzhen, the installation of internationally certified information service enterprises, and the employment of Chinese nationals in outsourced enterprises..[xii] According to the Shenzhen government, the city is committed to independent innovation, which will be its dominant strategy for its future developments.[ii] This proves to be very helpful to those looking to open their English Language franchise. Business owners can possibly take advantage of the subsidies to leverage their business.

Shenzhen has all the features that a great destination has to open your education franchise: a large population, high economic growth, and demand for English learning. With the additional benefits of modern infrastructure and connectivity, Shenzhen is a top destination worth considering for an English language franchise in China.

New Horizons English Overview

We would now like to give you a simple overview of the New Horizons English franchise. Alternatively, you can visit our website and download our prospectus for more detailed information.

The New Horizons English franchise has been built with the intent to leverage the way modern, busy students learn – with flexibility. It is difficult to always be at the learning center when the student is a young adult (friends and activity are always more important) or a working adult (work, family, and life are always more important).

New Horizons English is the answer to providing instruction and test preparation for busy adults using an industry leading education platform to deliver a unique blend of multimedia, live instruction in-center, and on-line on any internet enabled device.

The New Horizons English teaching method enables students by giving them three key learning advantages:

  1. Learn at your own pace
  2. Learn anywhere, anytime with Online Live®
  3. Learn with your own teacher with Mentored Learning®

All of this is supported by a didactic team in state of the art learning centers designed around the student to give 360 degree support, every day of the week.

How does it work?

The New Horizons English Method uses the natural method of second language acquisition, which focuses on the development of intuitive learning based on communication rather than learning the structure of the language. The result of this is the ability to speak the language far quicker than with traditional learning methods, in fact, the student will be speaking English from day one of their course.

The course is made up of 36 Cycles, each containing 9 multimedia lessons and 3 live lessons. The live lessons are divided onto Online Live® Progress classes and in-center Milestone classes where the student is assessed for progress to the next cycle. A cycle will generally require 1 month for completion. In addition, the student will be able to access digital workbooks which act as study aids and are available to download and use at the students’ convenience throughout the course.

Finally, the training center. We know that while our multimedia and online lessons are at the cutting edge, nothing can replace the human touch. For this reason we have carefully designed our centers to give the student access to teachers and a learning environment that has been designed to reflect the needs of today’s student. All our centers are fully equipped with the latest technology in specially designed zones that enable every student to tailor their learning experience with the New Horizons English education franchise.

We genuinely believe now is the right time for a new and modern approach to an English language franchise in Shenzhen, China. We are very interested to discuss in great detail with interested and qualified partners. For more details, please visit our site and download our franchise prospectus.


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