Facts on Why Lima is a Great Location for an Education Franchise

Hello and welcome to the New Horizons English language franchise website. We believe you have found this page as you are considering the various education franchise opportunities that exist in your market. We are confident that Lima, Peru is a great city with ample potential for an education business and would like to provide a few thoughts about this as well as give you a simple overview of our franchise opportunity.

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Lima, the capital of Peru is the country’s industrial and financial center. The impact of globalisation here can be seen in the rising demand for English learning both at the individual and the national level. Being an economically stable country with attractive investment opportunities, Peru has a lot to offer to an English language franchise. Here are some facts on what makes Lima, Peru a favourable destination for an education business.

  1. Peru has low English proficiency; Spanish being the medium of instruction in public schools an important reason for it.
  2. Lima has a large population of over 10 million inhabitants[v], making it the most populous city of Peru.
  3. Peru is the seventh largest economy in Latin America, and one of its best economic performers.[vi] Lima provides more than two thirds of Peru’s GDP.[x]
  4. Lima is a modern city with cultural diversity. It was the 12th most visited city in the world.[x]

Here are further reasons why Lima is a location worth considering for an education franchise.

Education and English Learning

Public schooling in Peru is free and compulsory for all children between five and 16 years of age.[i] In Lima, the largest city of Peru, there are many public, private and international schools. Both public and private schools are required to follow the curriculum set by the federal authorities. The Peruvians take education seriously. The literacy rate in the country of 15-24 year olds stood at a high of 97%.[ii] According to the UNICEF, there is as much as 97% net attendance ratio in primary education, and 81% in secondary education.[ii]

Spanish is the language of instruction in public schools whereas in private and international schools, English, Spanish, German and French are the main languages of instruction.[iii] The country declared how important English was for them when their President announced in 2014 that bilingual education was a priority for them and that English be their priority language by 2021.[iv] Funding was also allocated to achieve this goal. The role of schools in English learning is prominent in Peru. According to the British Council, most Peruvians (57%) studied English in secondary school, 46% learned it during undergraduate education, and 41% learned it in a private language school.[iv] Peruvian students want to study English because it is required in secondary school or university, and is a necessary tool for getting better employment. A research revealed that as many as 81% of non-English learners could be motivated to learn English if it improved their career prospects.[iv] With English learning growing in importance in Peru, building an English language franchise in Lima is an idea worth considering.

Population & GDP

Lima is the largest and the most populous city of Peru. Its population stood at an estimated 9,751,717 in 2014.[v] Currently, it is estimated to be over 10 million.[v] For comparison, the population of Peru stood at 30,769,000 in 2015, UNICEF reported [ii], and has grown to over 31 million in 2016 [vi]. This makes Peru the fourth largest country in South America after Brazil, Colombia and Argentina.

As for economic growth, Peru is one of the best performers and the seventh largest economy in Latin America.[vii] According to the World Bank, the country’s GDP was $192.1 billion in 2015 with a growth rate of 3.3%.[viii] The service sector is the major contributor providing 60% of the GDP of Peru.[vii] Lima is an important economic center of Peru, providing more than two thirds of the country’s GDP.[ix] The GDP growth rate of Lima was 6.3% in 2012.[ix] Almost all of Peru’s key industries, including manufacturing, retail, tourism, textiles, financial and trade sector are located in and around Lima. Being a major city in Latin America and the biggest in Peru, Lima offers economic stability and a large population, which are the vital influences for an education franchise.

Infrastructure and Facilities

Known around the world for its pre-Columbian heritage and cultural diversity, Lima was the most visited city in Latin America by foreigners in 2014, and the 12th most visited city in the world.[x] This City of Kings has high rises and colonial structures, museums and nightclubs, and amazing cuisine. Declared as the “Gastronomy Capital of the Americas” by the Fourth International Summit of Gastronomy 2006, Lima offers a great variety of mouth-watering cuisine.

Being an ancient city, you will find breath-taking archaeological sites such as the Huacas or the Adobe Pyramids, and the Historic City Center. Some of the must-visit places in the city include the Lima Plaza Mayor, Lima Cathedral, the Gastronomy House, and Iglesia de Santo Domingo. The world’s second largest desert city after Cairo, Lima has grown to become the region’s biggest cities. Though transportation remains a problem, the country has initiated huge projects to improve infrastructure such as Metro Lima Line 2 project, which is one of the largest infrastructure projects ever to be undertaken in Peru. Multi-million projects such as these are contributing to improving Peru’s infrastructure by leaps.[xi] With Lima’s rich cultural heritage, massive influx of tourists (whom may only speak English) and constant improvement on infrastructure, these can be many of the vital factors on opening an education franchise.

Incentives to Businesses

According to the Bloomberg Market, Peru ranks seventh in the 20 best countries and frontier markets in the world to invest in.[xii] That is because it provides a favourable and fair business environment to both local and foreign investors. In Peru, a foreign investor has the same rights over their investment as a local investor.[xii] No authority, government or otherwise, can treat a foreign investor any differently than a local one. Moreover, there is no prior authorisation needed for making foreign investments in most economic sectors.  Setting up an English language franchise with these exemptions can be one of the lucrative choices.

As for taxes, companies are required to pay income tax at the rate of 28% (2016), 27% (2017-2018), and 26% (from 2019) on their worldwide income.[xii] Foreign investors have the freedom to buy shares from nationals, and there is free transfer of capital. Also, investors receive reimbursement of VAT for a minimum of two years during the preliminary stages. Trade agreements with countries, including the U.S., China, Mexico, Japan, Canada, and South Korea make Peru an attractive destination for investors. All of these adds up to have a great opportunity to own an education franchise.


A large market with a stable economy and attractive investment opportunities, Lima offers an education franchise the assistance a business requires. Being a top country in Latin America in terms of GDP and population combined with high demand for English learning, Lima is the choicest destination for an English language franchise. If you are planning to start an education franchise in Latin America, Lima is a location worth a thought.

New Horizons English Overview

We would now like to give you a simple overview of the New Horizons English franchise. Alternatively, you can visit our website and download our prospectus for more detailed information.

The New Horizons English franchise has been built with the intent to leverage the way modern, busy students learn – with flexibility. It is difficult to always be at the learning center when the student is a young adult (friends and activity are always more important) or a working adult (work, family, and life are always more important).

New Horizons English is the answer to providing instruction and test preparation for busy adults using an industry leading education platform to deliver a unique blend of multimedia, live instruction in-center, and on-line on any internet enabled device.

The New Horizons English teaching method enables students by giving them three key learning advantages:

  1. Learn at your own pace
  2. Learn anywhere, anytime with Online Live®
  3. Learn with your own teacher with Mentored Learning®

All of this is supported by a didactic team in state of the art learning centers designed around the student to give 360 degree support, every day of the week.

How does it work?

The New Horizons English Method uses the natural method of second language acquisition which focuses on the development of intuitive learning based on communication rather than learning the structure of the language. The result of this is the ability to speak the language far quicker than with traditional learning methods, in fact, the student will be speaking English from day one of their course.

The course is made up of 36 Cycles, each containing 9 multimedia lessons and 3 live lessons. The live lessons are divided onto Online Live® Progress classes and in-center Milestone classes where the student is assessed for progress to the next cycle. A cycle will generally require 1 month for completion. In addition, the student will be able to access digital workbooks which act as study aids and are available to download and use at the students’ convenience throughout the course.

Finally, the training center. We know that while our multimedia and online lessons are at the cutting edge, nothing can replace the human touch. For this reason we have carefully designed our centers to give the student access to teachers and a learning environment that has been designed to reflect the needs of today’s student. All our centers are fully equipped with the latest technology in specially designed zones that enable every student to tailor their learning experience with the New Horizons English education franchise.

We genuinely believe now is the right time for a new and modern approach to an English language franchise in Santiago, Chile. We are very interested to discuss in great detail with interested and qualified partners. For more details, please visit our site and download our franchise prospectus.


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