Why Build an Education Franchise in Frankfurt

Hello and welcome to the New Horizons English language franchise website. We believe you have found this page as you are considering the various education franchise opportunities that exist in your market. We are confident that Frankfurt, Germany is a great city with ample potential for an education business and would like to provide a few thoughts about this as well as give you a simple overview of our franchise opportunity.

As a potential business owner please review this page as well as our entire site to further understand what a franchise offer like New Horizons English can bring to your desire to build an English language franchise.

Frankfurt (Frankfurt am Main) is the world’s leading financial centre and the fifth-largest city in Germany. It is also an education hub, attracting a large number of students from across the world. Here are some important reasons that make Frankfurt a top destination for an English language franchise.

  1. An education centre, it has a large number of universities and educational institutions.
  2. The city is the fourth-largest metropolitan city of Germany based on its GDP.[vii] Its GDP stood at $230 billion in 2014.[viii]
  3. Frankfurt has a large population: 717,624 as of December 2014.[v] with a metropolitan area of over 5.6 million.
  4. Being a financial hub, it has over 320,000 firms, including more than 2,200 high tech companies.[ix]
  5. Frankfurt has a developed infrastructure and is well connected. It can easily be reached within two hours by air from almost any European capital.

Here are further facts on why Frankfurt is a top choice for an education franchise.

Education and English Learning

Over 94% of the population of Germany speaks German as their first language.[i] In West Germany, English is the most popular first foreign language. In East Germany, however, Russian is popularly learnt as the first foreign language.[i] The German education system is highly regarded internationally. There are public and private schools in Frankfurt. Public education system is tuition free because it is government-subsidized, however, the medium of instruction is German. That presents problems for expats, who usually choose to send their children to international schools.

There are not many international schools in Frankfurt as opposed to the capital city, Berlin. Moreover, private and international schools charge tuition and other fee, which can be expensive. Tuition fee at international schools in Frankfurt can be approximately EUR 6,500 a year in pre-school and EUR 16,000-18,000 a year in high school.[ii] Home schooling is illegal in Germany.[iii] The law requires students to attend either public schools or approved private schools. Parents that wish their children to learn English or a second language apart from German choose bilingual schools. These schools provide a popular option, which is less expensive. The tuition fee in bilingual schools range between EUR 220 and 1,000 a month.[iv]

For higher education, there are state run universities, private universities, cooperative universities, and schools that offer full time and part time courses. Many private universities use English as the medium of instruction, but in public universities, German is the primary medium of instruction. Among a large number of universities, schools and educational institutes, Goethe University and Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences are the two notable universities located in the city.

Population & GDP

The population of Frankfurt stands at 717,624 as of December 2014[v], yet the metropolitan population is more than five (5) times greater at 5.6 million people.

Frankfurt is the fourth-largest metropolitan city of Germany based on its GDP.[vii] The GDP of the city stood at $230 billion, as of 2014.[viii] That makes it one of the richest European city per capita ($51,645).[viii] Being a financial hub, the city has the highest share of GDP with the business services sector contributing 41% in 2013.[vii]  Often nicknamed “Bankfurt”, the city is home to prominent financial centres, including the European Central Bank, one of the world’s largest stock exchanges, and over 300 domestic and foreign banks.[x] Alongside banks, Frankfurt also has over 320,000 firms, including more than 2,200 high tech companies.[ix] The ever growing population and GDP would mean great news to business owners looking to open an education franchise in Frankfurt.


Frankfurt is well connected by air, rail and road. You can reach almost any European capital from the Frankfurt airport within two hours. The Frankfurt airport is ranked among the top ten airports in the world. It is the third largest airport in Europe serving 57 million passengers a year[x] to over 300 destinations, including 265 non-stop destinations, in over 110 countries.[ix] There is no dearth of trains as well. On a workday, 1,800 trains run within and outside the country. The travel time to Paris is only 3:49 hours from the Frankfurt central railway station.[xi] Modern connectivity would mean great news as it will be more convenient for students to attend classes. This can a lucrative choice for business owners looking to open an English language franchise in Frankfurt.

According to Tele-Geography, Frankfurt ranks second among the most important hubs on the information superhighway. More than 100 leading national and international telephone companies operate offices from the city.[xi] Frankfurt is the second most data processing centers per capita in all of Europe.

In the city, you will find attractive skyscrapers and well-maintained old buildings. There are as many as 13 museums devoted to classical and modern art. The city has lovely outdoor cafes, parks and gardens, glittering nightlife and shopping centres. Some of the famous places to visit include Kaiserdom, Senckenberg museum, Stadel museum, Main Tower, Romer, Dom, the Frankfurt zoological gardens, and Explora.

Being one of the cities in the world that has great connectivity by air, rail and road, no wonder Frankfurt is one of the leading destinations of the world for tourists. Many tourists do not speak German, rather typically only able to communicate in their native language and English, and would require English assistance. As such, the demand of English speaking staff in the tourism industry will grow. This can be one of the many factors when one is considering opening an English language franchise in Frankfurt.

Government Subsidies to Businesses

Frankfurt is no stranger to foreign-owned companies. According to the Chamber of Commerce, there are 52,100 companies in Frankfurt of which 12,500 are foreign-owned (2010).[xii] Though the percentage of grants offered varies according to the total investment, the number of new jobs created, and the size of the company, grants are generally offered as such: 40% to small companies, 30% to medium-sized companies, and 20% to large companies.[xiii] Additionally, loans, grants, equity financing and wage costs subsidies can be obtained to businesses located in Frankfurt (Oder) or Eisenhüttenstadt. With the government’s support to businesses in Frankfurt, this makes it a very lucrative choice when opening an education franchise.


With the many benefits that Frankfurt allows, including a large market, importance on education, high spending power, and a stable economy, it proves to be a top destination for an education franchise. If you are looking to build a business in Germany or Europe, consider an English language franchise in Frankfurt.

New Horizons English Overview

We would now like to give you a simple overview of the New Horizons English franchise. Alternatively, you can visit our website and download our prospectus for more detailed information.

The New Horizons English franchise has been built with the intent to leverage the way modern, busy students learn – with flexibility. It is difficult to always be at the learning center when the student is a young adult (friends and activity are always more important) or a working adult (work, family, and life are always more important).

New Horizons English is the answer to providing instruction and test preparation for busy adults using an industry leading education platform to deliver a unique blend of multimedia, live instruction in-center, and on-line on any internet enabled device.

The New Horizons English teaching method enables students by giving them three key learning advantages:

  1. Learn at your own pace
  2. Learn anywhere, anytime with Online Live®
  3. Learn with your own teacher with Mentored Learning®

All of this is supported by a didactic team in state of the art learning centers designed around the student to give 360 degree support, every day of the week.

How does it work?

The New Horizons English Method uses the natural method of second language acquisition which focuses on the development of intuitive learning based on communication rather than learning the structure of the language. The result of this is the ability to speak the language far quicker than with traditional learning methods, in fact, the student will be speaking English from day one of their course.

The course is made up of 36 Cycles, each containing 9 multimedia lessons and 3 live lessons. The live lessons are divided onto Online Live® Progress classes and in-center Milestone classes where the student is assessed for progress to the next cycle. A cycle will generally require 1 month for completion. In addition, the student will be able to access digital workbooks which act as study aids and are available to download and use at the students’ convenience throughout the course.

Finally, the training center. We know that while our multimedia and online lessons are at the cutting edge, nothing can replace the human touch. For this reason we have carefully designed our centers to give the student access to teachers and a learning environment that has been designed to reflect the needs of today’s student. All our centers are fully equipped with the latest technology in specially designed zones that enable every student to tailor their learning experience with the New Horizons English education franchise.

We genuinely believe now is the right time for a new and modern approach to an English language franchise in Frankfurt, Germany. We are very interested to discuss in great detail with interested and qualified partners. For more details, please visit our site and download our franchise prospectus.


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