Why Choose Chengdu for an Education Franchise?

Hello and welcome to the New Horizons English language franchise website. We believe you have found this page as you are considering the various education franchise opportunities that exist in your market. We are confident that Chengdu, China is a great city with ample potential for an education business and would like to provide a few thoughts about this as well as give you a simple overview of our franchise opportunity.

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The capital of the Sichuan province, Chengdu is an economic powerhouse of China. The city has a large population with low English proficiency, making it a good market for an English language franchise. It is an important education center and home to some of the top universities of China. Here are some facts on why Chengdu is a good choice for opening an education franchise.

  1. China has low English proficiency with the Sichuan province maintaining a low proficiency score of 48.77.[iii]
  2. Chengdu is home to over 7.8 million people (2016) [vii] and is among the top 10 largest cities of China.[vi]
  3. Economically prosperous, the city registered a GDP of over 1 trillion yuan in 2015.[viii] It was considered to be the most successful economy of any mainland Chinese city.[ix]
  4. Chengdu is seeing rapid development in infrastructure and is receiving government assistance in making it a world class city.

Here are further reasons on why Chengdu is a location worth considering for an education franchise.

Education and English Learning

In China, every child is required to have nine years of formal education.[i] Primary education lasts for six years where students are taught subjects, including Chinese, mathematics, geography, science, and so on. Though English has been a compulsory subject from the primary three since 2003, it is not a core subject such as Chinese and mathematics.[ii] The Chinese people have been exposed to English, but during certain times it was thought to threaten their national integrity. Combined with the fact that English has no legal status in China, it is not surprising that China is a low proficiency country on the EF index.[iii] The Sichuan province also has low proficiency with an EF score of 48.77.[iii]

Due to limited importance of English in public schools, and instructions given solely in Chinese, most expats send their children to international schools. Chinese nationals, however, are legally not allowed to send their children to international schools.[iv] Apart from English, which is still a struggle in China, Chengdu does well in education. The city has a long tradition of international educational exchanges. Various agreements in educational cooperation were signed with countries, including France, the UK, the US, Australia and Finland by year 2013. According to Chengdu’s municipal government, the city will accelerate efforts in opening up its education sector by introducing projects where students can learn more about the world.[v] The government aims to make Chengdu a center for international education in western China by 2020.[v] With low English proficiency and on emphasis on education in Chengdu, it proves to be a valuable destination for an English language franchise in China.

Population & GDP

Chengdu is among the top 10 largest cities of China.[vi] Home to over 7.8 million people, it is the fifth most populous agglomeration in China (2016).[vii] The administrative area of the city, however, has a much larger population of over 14 million (2010).[vii] Chengdu’s population is rising steadily and is expected to keep growing in the coming years. Its 2017 population is estimated to be over 8 million; by 2020, it is expected to be over 8.7 million; and by 2030, over 10 million.[vii] Opening an education franchise will seem logicial to accommodate the huge population in Chengdu.

An economically prosperous city, Chengdu recorded a GDP of over 1 trillion yuan, as of 2015.[viii] That made it rank ninth in the top 10 Chinese cities by GDP in 2015.[viii] The city reached such heights economically that the Milken Institute, a US-based think tank, adjudged it as the most successful economy of any mainland Chinese city.[ix] As for China, its GDP reached 67.67 trillion yuan (US$10.28 trillion) in 2015 with a growth rate of 6.9%.[viii] All of these facts can be great news when one is considering to open an education franchise.

Infrastructure and Facilities

Chengdu has a well developed transportation system. Its international airport, the Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, is the fourth largest air transport hub in China.[x] By 2018, the city expects to have a new international airport. Its metro network has undergone rapid development in recent years, and will be improved drastically by 2020.[x] The strong transport network of highways and high-speed railways connects the various cities of the Yangtze River Delta, making commute easy.[xi]

Known in China for panda and spicy dishes, Chengdu is a modern city without the rush of modern life. A culturally rich city with a recorded history of 2,300 years, it has various museums, including the Sanxingdui Museum in Guanghan. Known around the world for panda conservation, its panda research centers allow viewing of giant pandas in their natural habitat. As Chengdu is an important education and R&D center of China, it is home to respected universities such as the Sichuan University, the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, and the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics.

With the city’s rich heritage, well connected transportation system, no wonder tourism aids the economy in Chengdu. As such, many toursits that come and visit Chengdu do not speak Chinese. Having a hospitality team that can speak English is of great importance. Opening an English language franchise will be a lucrative choice for business owners.

Government Incentives to Businesses

In order to increase investment in Chengdu, the government last year altered the guidelines for investment in infrastructure development.[x] It also made administrative procedures easy for projects of under 50 million yuan.[x] For investments of over 1 billion in service sector, the government offers loans at preferential interest rates.[x] In 2012, the Chengdu Investment Promotion Commission (CIPC) said that major companies headquartered in the city and “actively encouraged by the government” will receive a 15% corporate income tax rate.[xii] Further, the CIPC said that the tax breaks will be applicable until 2020.[xii] With the government’s generous support, this can be one of the factors when one is considering to open an education franchise in Chengdu.


With Chengdu’s average GDP growth an impressive 15.2% since 2006,[xii] this city offers tremendous opportunity for growth for a language franchise business. Coupled with the fact that the city has a large population with low English proficiency, it offers a large market to tap into. If you are thinking about starting an English language franchise in China, Chengdu can be the perfect destination.

New Horizons English Overview

We would now like to give you a simple overview of the New Horizons English franchise. Alternatively, you can visit our website and download our prospectus for more detailed information.

The New Horizons English franchise has been built with the intent to leverage the way modern, busy students learn – with flexibility. It is difficult to always be at the learning center when the student is a young adult (friends and activity are always more important) or a working adult (work, family, and life are always more important).

New Horizons English is the answer to providing instruction and test preparation for busy adults using an industry leading education platform to deliver a unique blend of multimedia, live instruction in-center, and on-line on any internet enabled device.

The New Horizons English teaching method enables students by giving them three key learning advantages:

  1. Learn at your own pace
  2. Learn anywhere, anytime with Online Live®
  3. Learn with your own teacher with Mentored Learning®

All of this is supported by a didactic team in state of the art learning centers designed around the student to give 360 degree support, every day of the week.

How does it work?

The New Horizons English Method uses the natural method of second language acquisition which focuses on the development of intuitive learning based on communication rather than learning the structure of the language. The result of this is the ability to speak the language far quicker than with traditional learning methods, in fact, the student will be speaking English from day one of their course.

The course is made up of 36 Cycles, each containing 9 multimedia lessons and 3 live lessons. The live lessons are divided onto Online Live® Progress classes and in-center Milestone classes where the student is assessed for progress to the next cycle. A cycle will generally require 1 month for completion. In addition, the student will be able to access digital workbooks which act as study aids and are available to download and use at the students’ convenience throughout the course.

Finally, the training center. We know that while our multimedia and online lessons are at the cutting edge, nothing can replace the human touch. For this reason we have carefully designed our centers to give the student access to teachers and a learning environment that has been designed to reflect the needs of today’s student. All our centers are fully equipped with the latest technology in specially designed zones that enable every student to tailor their learning experience with the New Horizons English.

We genuinely believe now is the right time for a new and modern approach to an English language franchise in Chengdu, Sichuan. We are very interested to discuss in great detail with interested and qualified partners. For more details, please visit our site and download our franchise prospectus.


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