Why Bogota is a Top City for an Education Franchise?

Hello and welcome to the New Horizons English language franchise website. We believe you have found this page as you are considering the various education franchise opportunities that exist in your market. We are confident that Bogota, Colombia is a great city with ample potential for an education business and would like to provide a few thoughts about this as well as give you a simple overview of our franchise opportunity.

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Bogota, the capital of Columbia has a thriving English learning market along with a conducive business environment. An education centric city, it has a large population and economic stability. The city’s strategic geographical location makes it easily accessible from major cities such as New York City and Mexico City. With that said, these can be great opportunities to open an education franchise in Bogota. Here are some facts on what makes Bogota a top city for a franchise business.

  1. Colombia has very low English proficiency.[xii] With 1.4 million children (2014) of school going age in Bogota alone, it is a flourishing market for an English language business.[v]
  2. Bogota is Columbia’s most populous city with the Bogota metropolitan area having a population of around 11 million.[vi]
  3. Bogota contributes heavily (approx. 25%) to Columbia’s GDP.[ix] The GDP of the city was US$94 billion, as of 2014.[ix]
  4. Bogota is the third best city in Latin America in terms of providing the best business environment,[xiv] and Columbia is the first country in Latin America that protects foreign investors the most.[xvi]

Here are further reasons why Bogota is a location worth considering for an education franchise.

Education and English Learning

The education system in Columbia is divided into primary and secondary, and progress to the university level. Schooling for children between 6 and 12 years of age is free in public schools.[i] Starting elementary schooling from age six, students complete four years of compulsory secondary education (grades 6-9) after which they may do a two-year Middle Vocational Education that is not compulsory (grades 10-11).[ii] Vocational education provides them with specific skills in arts, commerce, and sciences.

Education is important to the Columbians. The literacy rate in Columbia was at a high of 90.4% in 2005 with a high school enrolment rate of 98.49.[iii] Though the language of instruction in public schools is Spanish, Columbians understand the importance of English. The British Council found a direct correlation between English language proficiency and educational achievements, private schooling, income and occupation.[iv] In a survey conducted by the British Council, as many as 59% of the respondents and 54% of the employers believe that English proficiency improves chances of employment.[iv] Those who haven’t had a chance to learn English quote cost and lack of access as the reasons behind it.[iv] The government of Columbia is making efforts to increase English proficiency among its population. In its national English language policy, English is to be made mandatory in schools; and by 2019, fluency in English for secondary school graduates, university graduates, and teachers of English be developed.[iv] With 1.4 million children (2014) of school going age in Bogota alone [v], the city provides a large market for an English language franchise to explore and tap into.

Population & GDP

Bogota is Columbia’s most populous city with a population of approximately 8 million, as of 2014.[vi] In the capital district of the Bogota metro area, the population is much more at around 11 million.[vi] Compare this with the population of Columbia, which stood at 48.8 million in 2016.[vii] Almost one fifth of the total Columbian population lives in the Bogota metropolitan area.[viii] From a city of just 22,000 in 1800s, Bogota is now a sprawling city of eight million. The constant growth of the population in Bogota can be one of the vital factors when one choses to set up an education franchise.

Economically, Bogota contributes approximately 25% of the country’s GDP.[ix] The GDP of the city was US$94 billion, as of 2014.[ix] In the past decade, Bogota’s GDP growth was more than that of Colombia and Latin America. As for Columbia, its GDP was US$292.08 billion in 2015 [x], averaging US$86.86 billion between 1960 and 2015.[x] The GDP growth rate was 3.1% (2015).[xii] Moreover, Bogota has one of the lowest inflation levels among large cities of Latin America.[xi] For an English language franchise, economic stability and a large population converts into a stable business climate and opportunities for consistent growth.

Infrastructure and Facilities

Bogota is Columbia’s high-altitude capital with modern infrastructure and high concentration of economic activity. It is also a hub for international infrastructure companies, and has the largest portfolio of mega-infrastructure projects. In Bogota, you will find the new and the old coexisting. Along with plazas and churches of the old world are skyscrapers and nightclubs. This metropolitan city’s cultural center is the La Candelaria, a historic neighbourhood housing Bogota’s most popular museums, centuries-old churches, restaurants, bars, and hotels.

As for travelling around the city, the TransMilenio, a rapid transit system (BRT), is the primary transportation system. There is no dearth of buses and taxis, which run all around the city and its outskirts. The strategic location and daily flight connections make Bogota a well-connected city. Its international airport, the El Dorado International Airport, is the biggest airport in Latin America in terms of cargo and has the world’s third biggest landing site.[xiii] To further improve the infrastructure of Bogota, various architectural renewal projects, technological upgrading, maintenance, and economic engineering projects are being carried out. With the city’s modern transportation system and constant upgrading of infrastructure, owning an education franchise can be a lucrative choice as students are able to enter classes easily. Having ample access to many attractions, with the city’s high economic activity; Bogota is a common tourist destination globally. With that said, many tourists do not speak Spanish and will require English to navigate around. This means there are more opportunities for the owners if they choose to open an English language franchise in Bogota.

Government Incentives to Businesses

Conducive business environment and business incentives make Bogota an attractive destination for investors. According to the World Bank, Bogota is the third best city in Latin America for providing the best business environment.[xiv] One major reason for it is that the city has implemented the most reforms to improve its business environment over the past eight years.[xi] Foreign companies receive incentives from the government, including duty-free zones, permanent free trade zones, income tax exemptions and deductions, reduction/suspension on customs duties, and more.[xv] Companies can register themselves as free trade zones, and can be incorporated in as few as two days. The ease of doing business in Bogota has made it an attractive destination for foreign investors. Companies such as Microsoft, Unilever, SAP, Telefonica, HP, Deloitte, and PwC run business operations in Bogota. With Columbia being the fifth country in the world in terms of GDP growth and the first country in Latin America that protects foreign investors the most, Bogota is a destination that provides essential support to an English language franchise.[xvi]


Abundance of skilled workforce, demand for English learning, high population concentration, and helpful business environment makes Bogota a top location for an English language franchise. If you are thinking of starting an education franchise in Latin America, Bogota is a location worth considering.

New Horizons English Overview

We would now like to give you a simple overview of the New Horizons English franchise. Alternatively, you can visit our website and download our prospectus for more detailed information.

The New Horizons English franchise has been built with the intent to leverage the way modern, busy students learn – with flexibility. It is difficult to always be at the learning center when the student is a young adult (friends and activity are always more important) or a working adult (work, family, and life are always more important).

New Horizons English is the answer to providing instruction and test preparation for busy adults using an industry leading education platform to deliver a unique blend of multimedia, live instruction in-center, and on-line on any internet enabled device.

The New Horizons English teaching method enables students by giving them three key learning advantages:

  1. Learn at your own pace
  2. Learn anywhere, anytime with Online Live®
  3. Learn with your own teacher with Mentored Learning®

All of this is supported by a didactic team in state of the art learning centers designed around the student to give 360 degree support, every day of the week.

How does it work?

The New Horizons English Method uses the natural method of second language acquisition which focuses on the development of intuitive learning based on communication rather than learning the structure of the language. The result of this is the ability to speak the language far quicker than with traditional learning methods, in fact, the student will be speaking English from day one of their course.

The course is made up of 36 Cycles, each containing 9 multimedia lessons and 3 live lessons. The live lessons are divided onto Online Live® Progress classes and in-center Milestone classes where the student is assessed for progress to the next cycle. A cycle will generally require 1 month for completion. In addition, the student will be able to access digital workbooks which act as study aids and are available to download and use at the students’ convenience throughout the course.

Finally, the training center. We know that while our multimedia and online lessons are at the cutting edge, nothing can replace the human touch. For this reason we have carefully designed our centers to give the student access to teachers and a learning environment that has been designed to reflect the needs of today’s student. All our centers are fully equipped with the latest technology in specially designed zones that enable every student to tailor their learning experience with the New Horizons English education franchise.

We genuinely believe now is the right time for a new and modern approach to an English language franchise in Bogota, Colombia. We are very interested to discuss in great detail with interested and qualified partners. For more details, please visit our site and download our franchise prospectus.


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